Marelo Effect Profile

Lynda Fleming

Learning and Development

And the good news is …

I have long subscribed to the philosophical principles of the power of positivity.  In fact, it has been the fundamental guiding principle of my life’s work. For over 30 years, through a variety of positions I’ve held with global B2B and B2C organisations in the travel industry, I’ve had the privilege of helping to guide the trajectory of positive experiences for countless customers, clients, and teams that I’ve led. And while my roles have spanned most every conceivable customer touchpoint, from sales agent, trainer, director of L&D, and motivational speaker, the core of my methodology remains the same – me first! No matter the message, product or service being sold, customers ‘buy’ you.

Knowing that people are naturally drawn to positivity has guided my hand in developing and implementing some of the most successful service and sales programmes in the travel industry.  Through focusing on positivity, controlling how we chose to interact, react and respond regardless of an initial outcome, one can remain perfectly positioned for every opportunity. Joining the Marelo team has afforded me the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded professionals, each of whom is focused on bringing unparalleled value to our clients … and that’s ‘really’ good news!